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Roof cleaning in Wales is now big business. There are literally thousands of roofs across South Wales and North Wales that could do with a good clean up. Wales is well known for the amount of rainfall it receives and its the wet climate that makes roofs the perfect environment for moss and lichen to grow on roof tiles.

Keeping a roof clean in Wales can be a big challenge for most homeowners and the demand for companies that do professional roof cleaning has really taken off in recent years. 

If you are looking for a roof cleaning company in any part of Wales, its important to select a roof cleaning company that has the professional expertise to carry out a first class roof cleaning project. Our roof cleaners provide a FREE no obligation roof survey to ensure any problem areas can be identified and roof repairs can be carried out if neccessary.

If you live in North Wales or South Wales and need a roof repaired and cleaned just call 0800 849 9498 for a FREE quotation. You can also make your enquiry by completing our online enquiry form. We clean and reapir roofs in Cardiff, Swansea, Barry, Cwmbran, Newport, Bridgend, Rhyl, Bangor and Llandudno plus other smaller towns.



  • Slows down the re-growth of moss and lichen.
  • Brings out natural colouring colouring of roof tiles
  • Prevents UV light penetration that can make tiles fade in colour
  • Stops accumulation of moisture that helps mosses and algae to grow
  • Can add significant value to your home


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1. Apply a quick acting biocide (anti-fungicide) to eradicate moss and algae.

2. Clean roof tiles with pressure washer.

3. Repair or replace damaged or broken roof tiles if necessary.

4. Apply a clear acrylic roof sealer or a coloured roof coating for lasting protection.

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• Replace any deteriorating mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles.

• Re-pointing of lead flashing.

• Ridges and crests re-bedded.

• Damaged roof tiles replaced.

• Check to chimney stacks to ensure pointing and overall stability is adequate.

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We have access to a number of experienced roof cleaning contractors that cover both North Wales and South Wales. These roof cleaners will clean roofs in Cardiff, Swansea, Barry, Cwmbran, Newport, Bridgend, Rhyl, Bangor and Llandudno.
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